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Protecting you in Divorce

Protecting you in Divorce


The end of a marriage can be a difficult and highly emotional time. However, the divorce process itself is largely a technical and financial matter.

If you are going through a divorce, it can be crucial to have a lawyer on your side. A skilled attorney can treat you with compassion as you go through a difficult time, but also fight for your rights in difficult legal and financial matters.

Experience And Skill


At The Law Offices of Gary J. Beeler, we help people like you with a wide variety of issues in divorce and family law, including:


In addition to his more than 31 years as an attorney, our founder, Gary J. Beeler, CFLS, is a former certified public accountant. His combination of skills gives him valuable insight into the financial elements of complex property division.

Settlement Or Litigation


Most divorces in California are settled by the parties out of court. This process requires a lot of patience and negotiation, but it can lead to the most satisfactory results.


However, there are cases in which the parties can’t reach agreement. In these cases, the only way to resolve a divorce is through litigation in court.


It can be important to have a divorce lawyer with experience in both approaches. When you come to The Law Offices of Gary J. Beeler for help with divorce or other family law matters, we will go over all your legal options with you and help you choose the approach that works best for you. At the same time, our experience enables us to be prepared when circumstances change and you need a new approach in order to meet your goals.

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