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Spousal Support

Spousal Support


Alimony vs. Palimony


When a divorce is imminent and a couple decides to split and file to dissolve their marriage through divorce, they should contact an attorney to understand spousal support or palimony. Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, is a court-order amount of money due from one divorcing spouse to the other. The alimony can be received immediately, through a pendente lite order, which allows the receiving spouse to begin obtaining alimony payments as soon as the divorce proceedings begin. Alimony can help an ex-partner maintain their stands of living that they were accustomed to during marriage.


Palimony is similar to alimony but is a monetary payment awarded to an ex-partner from a California-recognized domestic partnership. In order for one person to be eligible for palimony, the couple must have been registered in a domestic partnership or lived together as husband and wife or cohabitating couple that was recognized under California law to be receiving similar benefits as legally married couples. Palimony is not always guarantee however, and if you are dissolving a domestic partnership and looking to receive palimony you should contact an attorney.

Maintaining a Standard of Living


Alimony helps a spouse maintain their standards of living that they may have been accustomed to during their marriage. If you were ordered to pay alimony, it is generally because you were the primary source of income for your spouse and your spouse may have sacrificed work or other endeavors in order to maintain home or raise children.


A judge determined the amount of alimony based on income, length of marriage the grounds on which the divorce was filed. Victims of domestic violence are also eligible to receive higher amounts of alimony because of emotional or physical stress.


If you have questions concerning your spousal support payments or eligibility, you contact me, Attorney Gary J. Beeler.

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