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Support and Custody Modification

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Support & Custody Modification


Changes to Your Support or Child Custody


A divorce decree, or final order, is a court outlined document that specifies details of a divorced couples’ child support, visitation, spousal support, child custody and division of property after a divorce proceeding. Sometimes, divorced couples are unhappy with their final decrees and wish to make immediate modifications or after an extended period of time, modifications must be made the decree in terms of alimony or child support. These modifications generally are made and supported by a judge when it is in the best interest of the child or the spouse looking to supplement from the modifications.


Some of the most common modifications to a final order are based on child support, custodial modifications and spousal support. These modifications can be approached by the divorcing couple, legal guardians of children or even grandparents of children who are directly affected by a decree. Sometimes the decree needs to be modified because of rising costs of children as they grow, establishing longer visitation rights to non-custodial parents or one spouse may seek more spousal support than what was originally awarded to them.

Temporary Orders and Final Hearings


A court can grant temporary changes to legal documents called temporary orders. These temporary arrangements can be a means of “instant gratification” to parents to spouses who need an immediate change such as relocation or increased support to cover medical costs. These temporary changes are honored by a judge and are granted if it is deemed in the best interest of the child or spouse.


Final hearings can be prepared to permanently change the final order, but an attorney is highly recommended. These Motions to Modify can be incredibly drawn out and an attorney can help make the process a lot smoother. If you are ready to modify, contact my firm today.

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