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Relocating After Divorce


Can I move my children after a divorce?


There may be plenty of reasons someone may wish to relocate after a divorce. Maybe you moved to the specific area to be near your spouse? Perhaps you are emotionally drained and need to simply get away? Were you financially affected by your divorce proceedings and need to seek better work elsewhere? The list of why someone wishes to move is tremendous and most people have good intentions to better themselves when they wish to relocate. But what if your divorce decree does not allow you to relocate?


If there are children involved in your separation, it may be more difficult for you to move. The parent that is left behind may fight to keep you close-by so that they may continue to receive child support or alimony. If your divorce decree or final order restricts where you are able to move following a divorce, you can file for a modification to your decree.


Does your final order state you are not allowed to move or relocate? It may be important to consult with a lawyer.

Best Interests of the Child


If there are no pre-determined agreements with an ex-spouse regarding relocation, a judge will take into factor the best interests of the child. Military parents are sometimes denied the custody of the child because the move will happen every few years and the more permanent parent will be granted full custody.


If the move does not negatively impact the child, but would better them and benefit their lives, the parent may be allowed to move and still receive the same visitation rights with the child. Are you questioning the eligibility you may have in relocating? Maybe you are a parenting fighting for the custody of the child while trying to move to better your life? If so, it is important that you contact my firm as soon as possible.

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